Zhejiang Konita New Materials Co.,Ltd

Company Introduction Zhejiang Konita New Materials Co., Ltd. is a Hong Kong invested enterprise; it was founded in 1993 by a couple... More Company Honour "Konita" trademark has been awarded "China Famous Brand" and "Zhejiang Famous Brand". It has successively... More R & D Konita has well established its research, development, and experiment facility, and built a technical R&D center... More

Hot Products

    • KTP-NP


      Konita Process Free CTP Plate is the latest product developed by state of the art photopolymer technology. The plate can be exposed by thermal or UV image- setter. No processing variables deliver the options of plate making from either process- on- press or low chemistry process.

    • KTP-SR


      Through a newly developed two- layer coating technology, KTP-SR plate brings exceptional quality and long run press performance without the need for post baking. It delivers high resolution and precise tone reproduction in the most demanding press environments.