Konita High Sensibility UV CTCP Plate is two layer coated and is particularly for more demanding and aggressive printing environments, such as UV ink and metallic ink.The durability is beyond 100,000 copies. It has properties of clear dot and gradation, quick ink- water balance, long run- length and adaptability and etc.

Product Details

Konita KLP- HD High Durability UV Sensitive CTP Plate

KLP-HD is the next generation no-bake UV sensitive CTP plate. With durability beyond 100,000 copies, it is the perfect printing plate particularly for more demanding, aggressive environment (e.g. UV and metallic inks). The new coating formula ensures a high sensitivity in the image and a sharp dot throughout the run. KLP-HD always delivers exceptional quality to the customers. 

Technical Specifications




Plate Type

No preheat,   positive working, UV sensitive digital plate with excellent chemical and   press durability; no need baking for UV ink printing


Commercial,   newspaper and packaging print applications


Electrochemically   grained and anodized aluminum substrate



Coating Color

Light blue

Spectral Sensitivity

405 nm

Exposure Energy

45-65 mj/cm2   (depend on imager type, configuration and resolution)


1%  to 99% @ 200lpi or 20 micron stochastic   (depend on capability of imaging device)


Konita DV-T   series developers

Dynamic   supplement 80-120ml/㎡’ Static supplement 100-120ml/h

Develop Temperature


Develop Time


Run Length

200,000   impressions unbaked; 70,000 impressions for UV ink applications; 1,000,000   plus impressions baked (depend on image resolution, press, press chemical,   ink and paper conditions)


Yellow safe   light handling

Shelf Life

18 months, with   original sealed package, stored in a cool and dry environment, away from   sunlight

Work Flow

Work Flow

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