Features of CTCP Plate

- Feb 20, 2019-

1. A fully digital platemaking process, no film is required for CTCP Plate.


2. Perfect dot image restoration: Forgra in Germany has tested the dot reduction of different CTP implementation processes. The results show that the image quality of CTcP platemaking and thermal CTP platemaking are the best.


3. Stable and efficient plate making: The new generation of CTcP platemaking equipment uses high-power UV light source and dual-head scanning technology, and the plate-making speed is high. CTcP equipment has undergone market tests in recent years, and its plate-making performance is very stable.


4. Low operating cost: the operating cost is significantly lower compared to other CTP plate making processes. On average, the cost of CTP plate is more than twice as CTcP plate, and the cost of the processing liquid is 3-10 times higher than CTcP plate.


5. Wide compatibility: Customers only need to install a UV-setter plate-making machine to function better and faster in the original enterprise. The CTcP system can also output different specifications of the printing plate. In the case of a company with different format printing machines, a CTcP platesetter can also serve multiple printing machines at the same time.


6. Equipment configuration can be selected according to users' preference, such as automatic/manual or single laser head or double head.



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