Future Printing Trend- Green Printing

- Jan 17, 2019-

In recent years, environmental protection policies have become increasingly stringent, and the concept of green printing has become popular in the printing industry. Printing companies are paying more attention to the use of environmentally friendly CTP plates. Konita's launch of KTP-NP Processless/ Chemical Free Printing Plate is just the right time and is exactly what the printing industry is in urgent need of.

Chemistry Free CTP plate is the most energy-saving and environmentally friendly plate at the moment. Chemistry free CTP plate means that the rinsing process is virtually eliminated during the plate making process. After the printing plate is exposed, the plate does not need to go through developer/ processor, and can directly go on press. For example, Konita KTP-NP Processless Plate eliminates all chemicals, water, equipment, electricity and waste associated with the rinsing or cleaning steps; no time-consuming plate making, replate, cleaning and maintenance work of processing machine or cleaning device saves production costs, pre-press time and floor space. In the long run, the use of Konita KTP-NP Processless Printing Plates not only contributes greatly to the protection of the environment, but also saves economic costs for printing companies, thus achieves both environmental and economic benefits.     

On the road of the new future, Konita has continued to promote the transformation and development of the printing industry by creating an irreplaceable core value and taking on encironmrntal responsibility for the printing enterprises and users. Use of Processless CTP plate is not only a  trend, but more importantly, a social responsibility. Enterprises should make its due contribution to the nationa's environmental protection.

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