How to maintain CTP edition correctly?

- Aug 06, 2018-

For the overall components of the CTP equipment, it is desirable to make the air filter cleaner once a month and use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust. Parliamentary daily check for air leakage at both ends of the suction pipe connector; Press clean the punch head once a month to recover the chip.

For the exposure parts of CTP equipment, it is necessary to clean the cover glass in front of the laser head once a month, and conduct laser balance after cleaning. The exposure adjustment test is conducted once a month, mainly to test the focusing and light value, and compare the exposed test version with the previous one. If there are any differences, proper adjustments should be made to ensure the quality of the CTP version.

For the transmission parts of CTP equipment, it should be: the transmission belt, guide frame iron plate, plate sensor and pressure roller should be cleaned weekly. Impeller and defiler are cleaned once a month.

For the rotating parts of CTP equipment, the cylinder shall be cleaned once every two weeks. The surface of the cylinder shall be cleaned with non-woolly cloth dipped in wet alcohol and cleaned with non-woven cloth. Cleaning plate holders every half a year, checking fixture leather pad, cleaning plate aluminum powder particles on the fixture; Press clean the screw once every six months and replace the lubricating oil.

CTP version notes

A. The protective glue cannot be used with the traditional one, and the stamping fluid cannot be used with the traditional one;

B. Turn off the power after work or when people leave every day;

C. thermal version of high sensitivity to note that, developer temperature control at 23 + / - 0.5 ℃, the temperature is not enough heat, high temperature refrigeration;

D. The developer or glue shall be changed regularly or according to the volume (about 20-30 days);

E. The two rubber rollers at the plate inlet must be kept clean, and the rubber roller should be cleaned frequently to avoid sticking.

F. The rubber roller and brush should be removed before the end of the shift every day, soaked overnight, and returned to work in the morning. Special attention should be paid to directional alignment when disassembling.

G. When cleaning the rubber roller and stainless steel roller in the washing tank, pay attention to keeping the metal color of the stainless steel roller; Regularly clean the white iron pipe of the glue tank and the medicine tank.

H. When cleaning the protective nozzle, if the glue condenses, please clean it with hot water;

I. There is pressure between each set of rollers and rollers. Normally, when the screw touches the iron ring, it will rotate another 1-2 turns, and the two sides should be adjusted according to the average progress.

J. The pressure of the brush is calibrated. Due to the wear of the brush, attention should be paid to the adjustment.

K. drying roller must keep clean, temperature control at about 65 ℃, no more than 70 ~ 80 ℃,;

L. Thoroughly clean each time the potion is changed. All the developing potions in the machine should be put clean and clear water should be put through the filter.

M. Clean the machine twice with clean water, and put clean water in it.

N. Before replacing glue and developer, make sure the discharge switch is closed.

M; Mo. The filter element should be replaced once a week, and the aperture of the filter element is 10-50

Q. Pay attention to the volume of water in the dispensing liquid and ice water dispensing machine every week, and if it is not enough, it should be timely replenished, otherwise it will cause damage to the machine;

R. The height of the infusion shall be subject to the overlaid brush;

S. Write down the current setting parameters of the stamping machine and leave them for backup. The automatic mode is normal and the manual mode is check mode.