How to make CTP version more environmentally friendly

- Aug 06, 2018-

In science and technology is not developed, people is incapable of environmental protection, to adopt many not conducive to environmental protection of chemical material, in terms of printing plates, in the use of protein, tree offset and PVA era, edition of people using several decade bichromate photosensitive material, after finally found the diazo resin type of photographic materials, get rid of the pollution of chromic acid salt. And organic matter pollution, pollution of silver halide is inevitable, especially silver halide system from process stage, typesetting stages to electricity, until today's era of CTP technology, because of its Gao Gan performance and high resolution performance than other materials, but its material post-processing procedure for environmental protection is still bad, now many CTP plate, we have already seen a variety of photosensitive resin and thermal resin excellent environmental performance, can replace part of silver halide materials. The value of heat ablation plate is that the burning residue can be well eliminated. At the same time, we have noticed that some of the developer solutions used in the post-treatment of photosensitive resin are gradually reducing the concentration.

The large-scale application of CTP technology in our country still needs to do a lot of efforts, but due to its advantages of advanced technology, efficiency and good quality, there will be a high tide of using CTP system plate making. At present, the annual consumption of PS version in China is around 40 million square meters, and it is also a considerable number if 1/10 of the quantity can be converted into CTP version materials. The supply of CTP plate material will become a major issue. Of course, importing a certain amount of plate material in a period of time is one aspect, and the more important aspect is that we should have our own CTP plate manufacturing technology and corresponding manufacturers. There are two feasible ways to develop CTP plate. One is to introduce foreign advanced technology to achieve the purpose of direct production. The other is to combine the domestic actual research own intellectual property rights of CTP version materials.

In fact, as early as in the ninth five-year plan period or earlier, many people in China have carried out a variety of CTP plates in the laboratory, including photosensitive resin materials, thermal sensitive resin materials, silver salt resin materials and electronic photographic materials. In the end of the 20th century, we have seen gratifying results. For example, the silver salt diffused CTP version has been developed successfully by the institute of photochemistry of the Chinese academy of sciences. The direct computer printmaking machine developed by xiamen beida huatong high-tech industry co., LTD. Has a scanning resolution of 1524dpi, which is suitable for the production of silver-salt diffused CTP version. In addition, there are also shenyang boji institute of science and technology research and development of digital color spray version of the CTP equipment; The technology of direct printing of electronic photograph k by Beijing printing institute has finished the small test and is ready to be put into the pilot test. The above situation indicates that CTP has made a good start in China's development. Of course, there is still a hard way to go from small test products to medium test products and large-scale production.

There are many PS version people have a concern about the development of CTP technology, CTP version material will replace PS version? Is there any way forward for PS? This is the PS version of the production factory and PS version of the application factory special attention. The author thinks that CTP technology development and application of the CTP plate will rise rapidly in our country, and gradually formed a climax, but direct plate-making technology popularization is a long-term process, the main reason is that China's vast territory, printing and throughout all walks of life, only the abundant funds, advanced technology and equipment of the enterprise, they preferred the CTP equipment, for most companies have a phototypesetter output system, and has a large amount of printing books and periodicals printing plant, their current use PS printing will be more economic, not to mention a few small printing plant, recently they also have no ability to the highs of CTP technology. , therefore, in the current and future a period of time, the PS version is still the main plate in our country, using conventional prepress system produced film after drying system of the PS version of the technology is still not be eliminated, especially in recent years, China's printing ability still expanding constantly, each year sales of PS version has risen, some high quality of PS version is growing faster, and the poor performance of the PS version will gradually be eliminated. In general, the development of CTP technology is an impact on the traditional PS version, which is inevitable, gratifying and positive. Therefore, after a few years, the market share of PS version will gradually shrink.

Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, the society has entered the information age and the Internet age. There will be major changes in printing technology without exception. When it comes to digital printing, film and plate materials are eliminated. If network publishing develops to a certain extent, it is not only omitted