How to solve the problem of CTP version scratches

- Aug 06, 2018-

As a result of the CTP plate coating weight at about 1.6 g/m2, basic does not have a traditional version of the thick, and there is no specific protection layer, mostly so on scratch resistance than the traditional version of the difference, therefore, should pay more attention on using standardized operation, a lot of times the user do not pay attention to when using the operation, such as take the version from the box directly to release out, not even the backing paper to take out the box together, make the layout of injured when lift, some no scratch before development can see, development is not very easy to find, after when computer sampling and found again, already waste a lot of manpower material resources.

1. Plate scratch -- very small white line, not fixed position, easy to find in the field, generally make 1 ~ 4 cm about most of the plate in the middle section, because this section and plate box friction, easy to cause scratches. The solution is to take out the liner paper together, or take the whole package out of the box and put it on the shelf to avoid pulling.

2. Scratches in the plate -- it is also a small white line, but the position is relatively fixed. The parts of different machines are different, which are mostly caused by friction with the surface plate. Due to stiffness, the small version (under 900) is more prone to such failure. The solution is very simple, with transparent adhesive cloth cover the surface plate and plate contact parts can be.

3. Plate scratches -- if you do not pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the developing machine, there will be crystals on the glue roller, which will leave a very short scratch on the page, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes not. The solution is to be diligent and clean the developer weekly (up to two weeks at most).