Konita Thermal Single Layer Plate

- Feb 28, 2019-

We cannot live without offset printing. Books, newspaper, magazines and paper boxes are produced by the offset printing process.

The first process of offset printing is plate making where we prepare the image on the computer, then expose the image onto the plate by CTP machine.

Konita  thermal single layer ctp plate has excellent performance in prepress and printing. The thermal single layer ctp plate has long run length without baking. The plate has  high stability and tolerance in imaging, developing and printing. The exclusive patented polymer design ensures long run length and high dot reproduction on printing press. By using the plate, you can achieves excellence color control and precise reproduction at all times.

Konita thermal single layer ctp plate can achieve sharp details and high stability. It is suitable for medium run length. The plate does not require preheat. It is fast imaging and developing, which maximizes the productivity of prepress platesetters. The plate is ideal for users who need medium run length and high-quality commercial printing.

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Konita Thermal Positive Thermal CTP Plate

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