Problems encountered in plate making and printing and solutions

- Aug 06, 2018-

1. Problems in plate making imaging

The problems in plate making may be caused by the following reasons: Due to insufficient exposure, it may be caused by energy attenuation of laser output and optical path pollution. Press the lens to turn dirty, use dissolvable lens paper and add a few drops of isopropanol (IPA) to clean the lens. When wiping the lens, keep changing the cleaning position of the lens cloth.

2. Low printing resistance

In order to improve the printing plate printing resistance, the following matters need to be noted.

(1) before the printing on the machine, there is no need to wipe the cleaning liquid such as the cleaning paste and the cleaning liquid, so that the printing plate is not easy to get dirty, and has good water-repellent and ink-friendly properties.

(2) when the machine is stopped, no protective glue is needed to be applied. It can last for 4 hours or longer.

(3) when wiping the rubber cloth, it should be noted that the detergent should not stick to the plate to avoid corrosion of the plate coating.

(4) in order to increase the hydrophilicity of non-graphic areas and to avoid the appearance of fingerprints or other pollution, it is recommended to apply protective adhesive after developing