The main difference between CTP direct plate making and traditional plate making

- Jun 27, 2020-

CTP plate making: the computer directly connects the text and text to the printing plate (CTP board) through the CTP machine.

Traditional plate making: There are computers that output graphic dao through film to make film, and then transfer the graphic to the printed board (PS board) through the plate-making machine.

Difference: CTP plate-making has one less link than traditional plate-making, which can improve the publishing efficiency and reduce the enlargement of the dots for the transfer of pictures and texts. CTP is fully automatic operation, which can reduce the problem of outlets due to human factors. The traditional plate making will cause a series of problems such as the loss of small outlets due to the environment, man-made, and uneven material levels. Therefore, CTP plate making is faster and more stable than traditional plate making. But the cost is slightly higher.