Tips on Energy Saving for CTP Prepress

- Apr 09, 2019-

Nowadays, CTP dominates the printing process. While focusing on environmental protection, green printing has become an international and industrial development trend. Therefore, the prepress department needs to support the printing process in many aspects. The prepress  department uses a variety of materials, computers and equipments. If enterprises can start from the following aspects to save energy, the effect will certainly be obvious.

  1. Multi-functional CTP plate wrapping paper.

  2. Turn off or set computer to sleep after work.

  3. In the non-working state, the ambient temperature of the CTP plate room can be adjusted by 2 °C.

  4. Properly adjust CTP related equipment can save energy for you.

  5. Install a water saving valve or use the circulation function to save water.

  6. Properly adjust the amount of light entering the window and use less light source to bring good results to your health and energy saving.

  7. Transforming your printing device can save you a lot of money to purchase compatible inkjet cartridges.

  8. Irregular sized CTP plate can be used as a small size plate after cutting.

  9. Learn more advanced technologies and reduce error rates.

The above tips are some ways to save energy in the pre-press production process. They can help save enterprises a lot of energy and cost in the long run. There may be more and better ways to ensure quality and reduce costs. As long as everyone try the best to save energy, it will bring benefits from environmental printing.

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