Advantages Of CTCP Plate Making

- Mar 26, 2020-

CTCP is the abbreviation of computer to conventional plate, which refers to the computer direct plate making on the traditional PS plate. As a form of CTP process, in fact, CTCP is not the solution for CTP to seek the second place, but a new way to complete the computer direct plate making.

As one of the key technologies of computer direct plate making, CTCP has all the advantages of computer direct plate making technology.

Improve printing quality

After using computer to make plate directly instead of film printing, the printing quality of the printed matter has been improved obviously because the image and dot are not affected by the quality attenuation in the traditional prepress process. The quality of the output plate is better, because the dust, scratches and other factors on the film no longer exist, the edge of the dot is clean and sharp, faithful to the original.

No need to repair dirty, resulting in efficiency improvement

In the same way, the output plate is very clean without the influence of the above dust and scratches, especially the small dirty spots that are not easy to be detected by the naked eye but can be found on the machine. No need to repair the dirty, making the working efficiency of the plate making workshop, especially the printing machine greatly improved, which is the most obvious for the short printing movable parts, and the printing time is often shortened by half or even more.

Reduce printing debugging time and material loss

As there is no need for plate positioning, the quality of the plate is better, and the plate will not need to be remade due to inaccurate positioning, so as to avoid a large amount of time for plate correction when printing on the machine. With the increasing number of short version jobs in the whole printing industry, plate replacement and on-board debugging become a regular work. Reducing the printing debugging time can significantly save time and cost. It also reduces the waste of water, paper, ink and other consumables needed for commissioning.

Printing customers are more satisfied

Printing customers are more satisfied with the quality of printing products, and the printing production time is shorter, which means that the delivery is more timely, reducing the operating cost of the factory, and making the printing company take the lead in the fierce market competition.

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