Konita Showed Up at All In Print 2016 Exhibition

- Oct 19, 2016-

On October 18, 2016, the second China International All Print Exhibitionkicked off in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Konita participated in a 5-day exhibition.

The company's business team receives clients from all parties, introduces Konita new products and negotiates business with customers. Chairman Weng Yinqiao, General Manager Hu Lingling, Dr. Tao, (Vice President of technology), Lu Xiaoyan (Deputy Director of the Administration), to the on-site guidance and exchanges with other peers exhibiting. The exhibition is sponsored by China Printing Technology Association and China Printing Science and Technology Research Institute, its theme is: Discover the future of printing, the exhibition focused on various areas of the leading technology and advanced equipment, of which our exhibition covers an area of about 150 square meters. Konita presents exhibition of chemical-free thermal CTP plate KTP-SR anti-solvent heat sensitive Positive CTP plates, Ktp-II Thermal Positive CTP, UV-CTP plates and other products. Products presented by the outstanding performance and domestic leading level, attracted domestic and foreign customers. 

This will undoubtedly bring a new round of technological revolution. The company also specially prepared exquisite gifts for visitors to add a lot of vitality. Through this exhibition, Konita further enhances the impact of enterprises at home and abroad, and also improves brand awareness, publicity of corporate culture and corporate image; On the other hand, Konita and many domestic and foreign enterprises had extensive exchanges, thus it helps strengthen the company's contact with customers, and further explore the domestic and foreign markets.

( Konita is a CTP plate manufacturer since 1993. Konita specializes in producing Thermal Positive CTP plate, Processless CTP plate, Double Coating CTP, and UV CTCP plate )

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