Common CTP Plate

- Feb 15, 2020-

Since the PS plate was applied to offset printing in 1960s, the offset plate making process has always followed the pre press process of photosensitive film making, plate making, plate printing and PS plate developing.

In order to speed up the plate making speed, In the late 1970s, some companies in the United States and Japan began to develop CTP (computer to plate) systems and plates, and formed primary products in the 1980s. After entering the 1990s, CTP technology has developed rapidly and is now in the stage of promotion and application. To talk about

There are four types of CTP plates according to the principle of plate making and imaging:

CTP plate of photosensitive system, CTP plate of thermal system, CTP plate of violet laser system and CTP plate of other systems. Among them, CTP plate of photosensitive system includes silver salt diffusion plate, high sensitivity resin plate and silver salt / PS composite plate; CTP plate of thermal system includes heat crosslinking plate, heat ablation plate and heat transfer plate.