Deputy Mayor Of Wenzhou City Visited Konita

- Jan 31, 2018-

On January 31, the Deputy Mayor of Wenzhou City, Wang Chi and his party came to Konita for visiting and research. Chairman Weng Yinqiao gave a reception to Mayor Wang.

Mayor Wang and his party held a brief symposium with Chairman Weng in the conference room. Chairman Weng reported to Mayor Wang in detail about Konita’s current situation of production and operation, scientific and technological innovation achievements, and the construction of R&D team. Mayor Wang praised Konita’s achievements and contribution in recent years and hoped that Konita can continue to increase investment in science and technology innovation with the opportunity of Wenzhou City’s development. He also hoped that Konita continue to bring in technical talents with the core value of “National Thousand Talents Program” like Dr. Tao (CTO of Konita) in order to realize IPO listing in the near future.

Konita CTP Plate