Do Modern Printed Books Need Plate Making? What Is The Printing Process?

- Feb 24, 2020-

Modern printed books still need plate making. At present, most printing factories have adopted the computer direct plate making system (CTP). There are about four different CTP technologies on the market, namely, thermal sensitivity, violet laser, uvctp and inkjet CTP. The heat sensitive technology has the highest utilization rate and plate making quality. Before exposure, we need to make a large plate for the printed pictures and texts, that is, we need to put different pages together to print on one plate in the printing process software. Thermal plate can be directly exposed in CTP machine to get image and text information. The processed plate is called plate.

Thermal CTP Plate

The picture above is CTP direct plate making machine. The green one is called plate material.

Thermal CTP Plate

This is the plate after exposure, on which there is the graphic information to be printed. The plate material is an aluminum substrate, on which there is a photosensitive material. When the photosensitive resin in the photosensitive material is heated to decompose and polymerize for imaging under the irradiation of infrared light, a picture and text will be formed.

Thermal CTP Plate

Attach another unexposed one. It feels like an iron plate.

Next is on-line printing. Ordinary books are offset printing. In the printing plate, the graphic part is hydrophobic, so it can absorb ink and transfer to the printing paper. In this way, the printing semi-finished products can be obtained. After printing, according to the binding method of different books, it is necessary to cut. After cutting, it is necessary to fold and bind according to the number of pages. Common bookbinding methods of ordinary books include horse riding nails, lockwire binding, wireless binding, hardcover books are butterfly binding, crystal binding and so on. After final inspection, it can be packed and delivered. In fact, the process is to check documents → collage (pre press processing) → CTP plate making → on-line printing → cutting and binding after printing → finished products