Konita Up To Three Projects Through Provincial-level New Product Appraisal

- Apr 19, 2015-

On April 19 afternoon, Wenzhou Science and Technology Bureau organized experts in Wenzhou Marriott Business Hotel presided over the "Provincial new product appraisal". Through the report of the Ph. D. and expert field data review and identification, the accreditation committee finally unanimously identified three projects, "chemical-free heat-sensitive CTP plate" its green, environmental protection and safety characteristics of the domestic initiative, up to the international advanced Level, "modified monolayer coated Yang Map heat-sensitive CTP plate" and "High-resolution solvent-sensitive monolayer coated Yang Figure thermal CTP plate "up to the domestic leading level, through the provincial new product identification." Finally, the participating experts gave a high degree of affirmation to Konita's innovative development results.

Konita Two Layer Coating UV CTP Plate

Konita Two Layer Coating CTP Plate