President of the Provincial Association of Overseas Chinese Visited Konita

- Mar 23, 2018-

On March 22, Zhejiang Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce President, Liao Chunrong led the team members, the city of Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Economic, trade, finance, law and other aspects of the experts to visit Konita. 

Our Chairman Weng Yinqiao showed the guests Konita's modern automatic CTP high-speed assembly line workshop, in-depth understanding of the CTP digital plate manufacturing process. Then Liao in the Executive Building conference hall held a symposium. Chairman Weng made a speech on Konita's current production and management status, scientific and technological innovation results, technology research and development strength and the launch of the IPO project. President Liao did a detailed report after hearing Weng's report. Liao said that the purpose of visiting Konita was to entrepreneurs this platform through the province, to carry out the activity of "visiting overseas enterprises to send services", through On-the-spot investigation and research, help enterprises to solve some practical difficulties and problems in scientific and technological innovation, transformation and development, and further improve the structural reform of supply side,

Liao hopes that Konita under the leadership of the Weng, can continue to follow the road of scientific and technological innovation, and achieve early realization of the IPO listing. 

(Konita is a CTP plate manufacturer since 1993. Konita specializes in producing Thermal Positive CTP plate, Processless CTP plate, Double Coating CTP, and UV CTCP plate. )

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