Research & Development

Konita has well established its research, development, and experiment facility, and built a technical R&D center that is certificated by Chinese provincial-level qualification. This center currently has a scientific research team consisting of over 20 junior and senior full-time technicians, who master the core technology and manufacturing process in the fields of thermo-sensitive and photo-sensitive plates. The center is equipped with a full set of Kodak thermal CTP plate setter, Screen thermal CTP plate setter, sensitizer solution preparation equipment, offset printing press, plate readers, X-rite densitometers, and plate processors.

Konita has successively launched several new products such as thermal UV-ink resistant CTP plate, novel thermal positive-working CTP plate, process-free CTP plate, and high-sensitivity UV-CTP plate, from sole product to diversified portfolios with 11 patents of own intellectual properties. In 2016, one of the new-generation CTP plates was successfully developed with a few key features of ecologically green, environmental friendly and safely product, which filled the gap of such technology domestically.

R & D Team

Dr. Ting Tao – CTO/ Senior R & D Scientist

Nengping Xu – Research Member

Zuoting Ying – Research Member

Miao Gao – Research Member

Leze Jiao – Research Member

Xianyao Ma – Research Member

R&D Team

R&D Team

R&D Team

R&D Team